I hereby confirm my covenant with you and your descendants, this being the very first covenant that God expressed to man. It is found in Genesis 9:9.  Even though God had destroyed the earth before with mighty waters, because of mans sinful desire and rebellion. The word says ‘and it broke Gods heart’. Even at this tumultuous time Gods desire was to spare a remnant, God’s love runs deep for his creation.

It is interesting to me that Gods focus did not stop there, but he exclaimed even also all living creatures that are on the earth. God made covenant with Noah, to never again destroy the whole earth, by flood. He established a sign in the heavens and called it a rainbow, declaring  his promise to all creation.

What’s more God established it as an eternal covenant between God and every generation yet to come.
We know that a better  covenant has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. A far better covenant in which Jesus shed blood atones for all who willingly obey, and surrender to his Lordship. God called Abraham to serve him faithfully, to obey the terms of the covenant,  and ALL descendants will have this responsibility. It is no different today in that we are called to obedience, to live in holiness and be faithful. God is unchanging forever to all generations, his faithfulness to us does not change.
A far better covenant, better than a sign in the heavens. Jesus  gave of himself for  you and I.  A covenant of eternal LOVE. A covenant that covers, blots out ALL our sin.
May our hearts  bow in adoration of this more perfect covenant, the love of a risen Savior, Lord and King.
Come home, come be a part of this eternal kingdom. An eternal covenant with Jesus. A kingdom established by a far better covenant. As Hebrews  the 4th chapter expresses ‘since we have a great High Priest that has entered into heaven let us hold firm to the covenant we entered with God, in whom we believe’.
May his peace and joy be on you, may you experience his favor.